9 Steps to Becoming a Webcam Model


Since posting my YouTube video  "My life as a full time webcam girl!" it has become my most viewed video thus far.  I never realized how many girls AND guys would stumble upon it looking for answers about making money live streaming.  That video has sparked many conversations between me and those people wanting to know more.  Some of those people are now my good friends and have also made webcamming their full-time job as well!  This blog post is for those people who are excited about the possibilities that webcamming can bring.  I will try my best to give you the most helpful information based on my experience being a full-time webcam model for five years.


1. Ask yourself if webcamming is right for you.

Before you begin I feel it is very important to ask yourself if webcamming is right for you.  I think many people believe it is easy money. Maybe if you are lucky.  For most models it takes a lot of hard work to make webcamming their full-time job. If you are willing to put in many hours of work daily then keep reading.  The second thing you must consider is whether or not you are okay with being posted on the internet forever and for anyone to see.  My Dad always told me that if you can't accept the worst case scenario playing out then don't do it!

2. Define your brand.

     So you have made it this far and you are still wondering how to get started.  In my opinion the next step should be to define your "brand" or online persona.  It is best to be yourself and stick with that.  For instance, if you are a sweet "girl next door" type personality then you probably shouldn't pretend to be a bossy dominatrix.  Build upon what feels natural because tippers want to know the real you!  It is incredible.  Another part to this step is to choose a performer name as to protect your legal identity.

3. Set your boundaries.

Once you start webcamming tippers are going to be wondering what you are willing to do for them.  They may try to talk you into doing something you aren't sure you want to.  This is one reason it is important to ask yourself exactly what you are comfortable with.  Some webcam models decide that they do not want to be nude while others are empowered by nudity. Once you decide what you are willing to do stick with it and never do more than you want to.  Creating a tip menu will allow members to know what you are willing to do for them and for how much.  Your tip menu is a list of your so called "available product". This can include selling videos, actions, or tangible items.  If you feel you need more help building a tip menu I have made a list of options you can choose from here.

4.  Get the proper equipment.

Getting the right equipment is a vital step to your success as a webcam model.  Some products that you will need are a computer, webcam, and lighting.  For a full list of what you should consider buying and products I recommend click here.

5. Choose a site to webcam on.

The website that you should stream on is unique to each person. There are a number of sites available, but I am going to cover the most popular ones.  I am also going to include the ones that have brought me my success. The site I first used and became extremely successful on was Chaturbate.  Chaturbate has a ton of traffic compared to other sites which means more potential tippers and visibility.  Chaturbate is also a great choice for men and couples containing men.  Some sites only allow females leaving men with limited options, but Chaturbate is the best for men in my opinion.  The site I have found the most success on is MyFreeCams.  This site offers a smaller tight knit community which allows members to connect with the model and each other on a more personal level.  This attracts long-term tippers and generous tippers looking for a permanent chat room to hang out in.  MyFreeCams is an extremely competitive site that is inspired by a monthy ranking system.  This system ranks models based on their income so that the number one girl is the top earner.  This system is a method to encourage both the tippers and the model to bring the site more revenue which, in turn, brings the model more revenue as well.  Since MyFreeCams models are so competitive it can be hard for a new model to attract tippers, but with time and consistency it is possible.  I currently make six figures on the site due to my dedication over the years.  Another popular webcam site that I have not yet tried is ManyVids.

6. Set up your profile.

Most webcam sites give the option of setting up a profile. You can set it up yourself, use a subscription site like Cammodelexpress to throw together a profile, or purchase a custom made profile from a freelance profile builder.  I used the last method and paid $300 for a custom made profile. It was so well done that MyFreeCams chose to use it to advertise their site in the 2019 AVN guidebook.  For a beginner I would recommend a cheaper option if you are on a budget and improve it as you become more successful.  Your profile should include your tip menu, an "about me" type area, and a set of rules that you want your chat room to abide by.

7. Start Broadcasting

The best way to make money webcamming is by going online!  It can be scary for some to press broadcast for the first time, but there was a first time for every successful model.  The more you broadcast the more you will set yourself up to make tokens.  I would suggest trying to broadcast for at least 4 hours at a time several days a week.  If you start broadcasting during a certain timeframe then tippers will know when to return to tip you again.

8. Gain visibility

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to gain visibility.  The more visibility you have the more likely a tipper will find you.  While gaining visibility can be difficult for new models, I would suggest not giving up.  The models who have accumulated a lot of tippers are usually the ones who have put in the most hours online.  I believe being online is the number one way to gain visibility.  Another way is to utilize tags. Most webcam sites will allow you to give yourself custom tags so that members can find you by browsing their favorite tags.  Social media can also be a wonderful method to promote yourself and gain visibility. I get a lot of new tippers who find me through my YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

9. Have fun.

If you find yourself not enjoying your time broadcasting then you need to change something.  You might need to change your mindset to be more positive, change the way you spend your time on webcam, or question if webcamming is right for you.  Tippers can tell when you are having fun so it helps to enjoy yourself for that reason too.  Whatever you decide just make sure you are happy with your decision. Good luck!






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