How to Gain Visibility as a Webcam Model

One of the most popular questions among new webcam models is how to gain visibility.  They are having trouble getting members to hang out in their chat room and tip.  For some, it may feel impossible even though they try so hard.  If you are having a difficult time getting a higher room count I would suggest you try implementing one of the methods I have laid out for you below.

Become Friends With Other Models

Befriending other models can be extremely helpful in gaining visibility and getting discovered.  This does not mean that you should create superficial relationships in order to steal a model's tippers.  Instead, try tipping the model yourself, hang out in their chat room, and be a REAL friend to them.  Reach out to them on social media and tell them how much you look up to them.  Not all will reply to you, but that is not a big deal.  Many webcam sites have a sense of community and friendship.  Creating friendships with other models could lead to one day work with them if they enjoy your friendship.  Be patient, be sincere, and try to connect to models that you would take pleasure in knowing.

Be Real

This leads to my second piece of advice: be real.  Be yourself and treat members how you'd want to be treated.  Often times, new models will lurk in a successful  model's chatroom and then message their tippers out of no where trying to engage them. Tippers know this is insincere and that you are just trying to engage them for their tokens.  In the webcam world we refer to this as "poaching".  I have written another post about why poaching is never a good idea here.  Moral of the story is this: Tippers want to know the real you and tip genuine models.  Many tippers are immediately turned off when it appears that the model only cares about taking their tokens and leaving. They want to see a real person on the screen and make real connections.  If you are genuine then that will give you a good reputation and members will send other members into your room to check you out.

Use Tags

Webcam sites allow you to use tags such as "blonde", "bbw", and "findom".  There are an endless amount of tags that you can use to describe yourself and what you have to offer.  Members will browse models using these tags and if your tag matches their interest then they may pop in your room.

Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool to use when marketing yourself.  I would suggest using Twitter to promote yourself because it is one of the most popular adult-friendly social media sites.  You are allowed to post nude and sexual content.  You can also use hashtags to promote yourself!  I use YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to grow and harbor my following. If you choose to webcam on MyFreeCams then you should take advantage of their social media site called MFC Social.  Another worthy mention is Reddit because it is also adult friendly.

Go Live

I cannot stress enough how important this is.  Many webcam girls get discouraged and log offline if things are slow.  What they don't realize is that they are giving themselves a great disadvantage.  The longer they stay online, the more chances they have of being discovered by a potential tipper.  You may have zero to low token nights for a week or more before you land a consistent tipper.  Put in AT LEAST four hours a day for best results.  I have had many nights where I have been online for 8+ hours.  The longest I have ever stayed online is 17 hours!


SnapChat Takeovers

Some companies and accounts have the option to do a "SnapChat Takeover".  This is when they let you log in to their snapchat and post on it for the day.  This can be extremely beneficial because most of the time they have hundreds or thousands of people who view their SnapChat accounts. You pretty much should just try to post entertain their viewers and promote yourself when doing Snapchat takeovers.  There is no right way to do a takeover so be yourself.  I know FanCentro offers this to models who use their site to help market themselves.  To find Snapchat takeover options you canjust type "Snapchat takeover" on the Twitter search bar.  This will help you find pages that are offering takeovers to girls.  Simply message and ask them if you could do one!  I have been lucky enough to do takeovers for Pornhub and RedTube.

Take Action

This one summarizes the methods I have covered above, but it is important to mention.  If you are just moping around wondering why more people don't want to view you then you are not taking steps to building your audience.  Stay consistently active on social media and within the webcam community.  It may be slow at first, but with time and hard work you can gain visibility.

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